From Eternity to Book Club: Chapter Eight

Here is a link to this week’s blog posting of the book club for From Eternity to Here by Sean Carroll:

From Eternity to Book Club: Chapter Eight

Some points mentioned by Sean Carroll as chapter 8 “Entropy and Disorder” is reviewed:

  • Chapter 8 “… and the next two are the heart and soul of the book.”
    • “… the truth is that we don’t yet know the final answers. We do know the questions, however, and here is where they are being asked.”

  • We cannot prove the Second Law of Thermodynamics using only Boltzmann’s definition of entropy and the underlying dynamics of atoms. We need additional hypotheses from outside the formalism. In particular, the Principle of Indifference, which states that we assign equal probability to every microstate within any given macrostate; and the Past Hypothesis, which states that the universe began in a state of very low entropy.

  • There are opposing views held by some including the philosopher, Craig Callender


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