TACIT (version 1) June 20, 2009 – Feb 3, 2010

As mentioned in my previous posting here on WordPress.com, the original T.A.C.I.T. blog was on the Blogger site until their “automated classification system marking it as spam”.

Spam as defined on Blogger Content Policy (http://www.blogger.com/content.g access Feb.8, 2010) is as follows:

Spam: Spam takes several forms in Blogger, all of which can result in deletion of your account or blog. Some examples include creating blogs designed to drive traffic to your site or to move it up in search listings and posting comments on other people’s blogs just to promote your site or product. 

Hmmm … by this definition, version 1 of T.A.C.I.T. was somehow designed to drive traffic to the site. I wonder about that …

I started the first T.A.C.I.T. blog around June 20, 2009.

Until I added a great little widget, Lijit, the week of July 5, 2009, I don’t have any information on visitors. (By the way, I really wish wordpress.com would support the Lijit widget. I am really going to miss the visitor’s map.) The stats that Lijit provide me are as follows:

  • Total page views (last 7 days): 20
  • Total page views (ever): 837
  • Average page views per day (ever): 3.88
  • Total Referring Searches (ever): 50

And details on the searches that brought the readers are as follows:

Week Top Searches that Brought Readers to My Blog
08/09/09-08/16/09 » mathematica
» industrial
» why frederick taylor “task management” renamed
08/16/09-08/23/09 » taylor
08/30/09-09/06/09 » not-tacit.blogspot
09/06/09-09/13/09 » “mythos over logos” wikipedia
» oster
» why this topic
» parmenides
09/13/09-09/20/09 » industrial engineering
» four generations of the management
09/27/09-10/04/09 » nasal
10/18/09-10/25/09 » chronos kairos time management
10/25/09-11/01/09 » chronos kairos time management
» “miguel goitizolo”
11/01/09-11/08/09 » blog not tacit thoughts about changes in time industrial engineering
11/08/09-11/15/09 » mythos cyclical logos linear
» thoughts about changes in time industrial engineering
11/15/09-11/22/09 » when to change to winter tires northeast
» when to change to winter tires northeast thoughts about changes in time
11/22/09-11/29/09 » nicomachean ethics outline
11/29/09-12/06/09 » oster automatic coffee maker manuals 3308-33
12/06/09-12/13/09 » industrial engineer thouhts
12/13/09-12/20/09 » aristotle undue humility and mock modesty
» oster coffee maker 3308-33
12/20/09-12/27/09 » oster coffee maker #3308-33 manual
» oster coffee maker
12/27/09-01/03/10 » “fourth generation time management” tool
01/03/10-01/10/10 » sciencedaily (2009-10-02), sleep, interleukin
» perseus and andromeda
» oster coffee maker 3306-33 light?
01/10/10-01/17/10 » oster coffee maker 3306-33
01/17/10-01/24/10 » sean carroll “eternity to here”
01/24/10-01/31/10 » reaction about researchers synchronize genetic clocks in bacteria
» mind brain blogspot
01/31/10-02/07/10 » sean carroll “eternity to here”
» oster 3308-33 filters
» idefinition industrial engineer

So what can I say … I had an eclectic range of topics.



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